Basil Mustafa
Senior research engineer @ Google Deepmind, Zürich

I'm currently a research engineer at Google Deepmind in Zürich, predominately working on Gemini. My research background is computer vision, representation learning and dynamic sparse models, alongside threads relating to medical imaging and learning under label noise. I'm exploring multimodality a lot lately, and am particularly interested in how language can be leveraged as a common API for different vision tasks, and a richer source of supervision from which open-world, robust solutions to computer vision can naturally emerge.

I've also enjoyed opportunities to translate research efforts into product improvements, ranging from YouTube abuse detection models to Google Health's dermatology app and mammography screening models.

In my spare time[citation needed], I irregularly dance (mostly hip hop), learn German, cycle, mess around in engineering workshops, do Arabic calligraphy, paint, and try to teach myself about human biology.